best cocktails in lausanne||best cocktails in Lausanne

On Eat Me (Lausanne) by angelstarved

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Eat Me. Not bad for a name, huh? Voted best cocktails in Lausanne. Let’s see.

Putting a creative foot forward, Romain the bartender starts me out with an off-menu concoction — London’s n. one gin, peach bitters, lime juice, muddled kaffir lime leaves, and kaffir lime zest. And okaaaaay, he admits, a teensy bit of simple syrup. This drink, which he threw together after hearing the two listed drinks I was hesitating between, is simple but perfectly balanced. The slight blue color of the London’s mixes with the yellow of lime juice and the mottle of super-green zest to create a pretty little drink. He lets me play with the kaffir: Read More