Celebrating 10 years of Eat Me!

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We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Eat Me in Lausanne. The festivities brought together our friends, partners, former employees, and clients — who all raised a lovely glass of Taittinger champagne in honor of the occasion.  We also served up some of the creative dishes from our newest menu as well as some classic dishes from our previous menus.

“I can’t believe that it has been more than a decade!” remarked Serena Shamash, the company’s founder and President.  “At the time, we didn’t know if it would last for 10 months, much less ten years. I am just so thankful for all the support that we have gotten!”

As we look back after 10 years, we can still remember all of the people who helped us get started.  From Gabrielle Serero and Julien Lerouxel who help us make the first food menu; to Thomas Jammers who helped us create the first wine list; to Preston Eckman who educated us on how to make culinary cocktails.  We’ve also had some amazing partners like Mr. Vinko, who helped us clean up the restaurant before we first opened and still keeps it clean today.  And, Markus Boelke and Joel Steiner, whose company, Phar SA, helps us everyday with cost control, accounting, and so many other things.  We have been very lucky to have such amazing help throughout the years.

While we are filled with nostalgia and gratitude, we still have more to do! With your continued support, we are excited about the culinary adventures that lie ahead. In fact, in honor of Eat Me’s 10th birthday, we decided to make some design and operational improvements to help make your next experience even better.  If you haven’t see the new look and feel of the restaurant, please come and check it out!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of the Eat Me family. Here’s to another decade of delicious food souvenirs and unforgettable culinary experiences!



Eat Me was founded by Serena Shamash who wanted to create a restaurant for discovering and sharing great foods as well as the stories behind them.  Serena was born in Kenya, is of Indian ethnicity, and has lived in Africa, North America and Europe – her passion for exploration and the food business drove her to create this innovative concept.

“As an avid traveler, my most vivid recollections of my journeys are often the food that I sampled — the exciting flavors that represent the spirit of a city or a culture” says Serena. “This was the inspiration behind the concept — the idea of being able to capture and share food souvenirs from around the world, and offering people a venue to sample and explore the best of international cuisine in their own backyard.”

Serena has built a team of energetic professionals with a passion for travel & food.  Together they strive to continue to build an experience around their core philosophy of discovering and sharing.