our philosophy

The Eat Me Concept



the world on small plates®

At Eat Me, we serve an inspiring mix of international cuisine on small plates. Drawing from the “food souvenirs” that we have collected during our travels around the world, we have created a menu that reflects everything from the humblest of street foods to the most modern of gastronomic dishes. Our goal is to take you on a culinary journey of these food souvenirs.

We serve our food on small plates so that you can explore a variety of diverse cuisines, textures and flavors. And, since we believe that food is best enjoyed when shared with good company, all of our small plates are designed for sharing.


our food souvenirs

For each food souvenir that inspires a menu item, our chefs go back to the origins and history of the dish, studying the ingredients, flavors, and traditional preparation techniques.
They then recreate the recipe, working their magic to bring it to life using contemporary methods and only the freshest of seasonal and high quality ingredients. The result is our interpretation of a world classic, albeit refreshed with our personal touch.


our culinary cocktails

Each of our culinary cocktails is crafted using combinations of fresh ingredients and the highest quality spirits. Whether it is our hand-squeezed juices or our flavorful infusions, each cocktail contains a special touch. Our bar chefs blend the culinary arts with mixology to bring you a truly unique experience.


our world of wines

Like our food, we offer a range of wines from around the world – both the “old” and the “new” – choosing wines that convey the spirit and terroir of the home region. Our philosophy is to provide a range of wines that are accessible and approachable for all wine lovers; wines grown and made with passion by craftsmen on family estates; wines grown with respect to the environment and their land of origin; and cheerful wines that can be enjoyed now rather than set aside for some time in the future.