Lausanne Menu

Our signature “World on Small Plates” menu brings you a selection of our favorite recipes from the four corners of the globe.

We refresh it regularly to reflect each new season as well as the new ideas, inspirations, and discoveries of the team.























































Whether you are in a hurry or want to have a nice relaxing lunch, we have great offerings for you.

On Weekdays, our “Small Plates” are perfect for a fast & fun lunch of sharing and exploring, but we also offer “International Plates of the Week” that provide a more traditional lunch format.

On Saturday afternoons, we offer a selection of dishes from our normal dinner menu, choosing some of our favorite small plates from the four corners of the Earth!
























































Our “culinary cocktails” are crafted using combinations of fresh ingredients and the highest quality spirits. Whether it is hand-squeezed juices or our homemade infusions, each of our cocktails contains a special touch!



























































Like our food, we offer a range of wines from around the world – both the “old” and the “new” – choosing wines that convey the spirit and “terroir” of the home region.

Our philosophy is to provide a range of wines that are accessible and approachable for all wine lovers.