meet our team

Meet the team

Serena Shamash

founder & managing partner

“As an enthusiastic world traveler, I find that the most vivid recollections of my journeys are about the food that I sampled – the exciting flavors that capture the spirit of a city or a culture. Every time I bite into Panipuri it takes me back to the sidewalks of Mumbai. The refreshing taste of octopus ceviche reminds me of a summer lunch in Palma, Majorca. And, I will never forget running around the streets of Kingston trying to satisfy an unceasing appetite for Jamaican Jerk chicken. These are the types of souvenirs that I collect… “food souvenirs.”

And this was the inspiration behind the Eat Me concept – the idea of being able to capture and share food souvenirs, offering guests a venue to sample and explore the best of international cuisine in their own backyard.

To bring this dream to life, we have found a team of incredible individuals who give their heart and soul into this vision day in and day out. It takes a family to do what we do – and the Eat Me team is a family. And like every family, ours is complete with unique personalities. What brings us together is the common love for food & drink, our passion for discovering and pursuing new horizons, and the excitement to share all these joys with others. I hope that your experience at Eat Me is inspiring and memorable as we aspire to bring you many food souvenirs for the years to come.”



Mark Brownell


As a passionate foodie and wine enthusiast, Mark is the creative spirit behind the Eat Me concept. He helped Serena in forging a new kind of restaurant, one that lets people discover and share the best food & drink from around the world. A place where not only did everything taste great, but where every dish looked so amazing that it would shout “Eat Me!” to anyone who saw it.

Romain Maurel


With more than 15 years in the restaurant industry, Romain is the backbone of daily operations for both Lausanne and Geneva. He was formerly the Head Chef of Eat Me in Lausanne and received his training in the restaurants of Alain Ducasse. As such, he carries the responsibilities of Executive Chef, working with the kitchen and bar teams to perfect each of our new menus!